Setup for Among Us


  • Windows computer
  • Headset with microphone
  • Steam (free) account -> Buy Among Us game (AU$7.50)
  • Discord account (free)
  • The ability to lie
  • The ability to detect lies

Game Play

  • There are multiple crewmates, but only one or two impostors (games are configurable)
  • Crewmates win when either:
    • All impostors are ejected
    • All tasks are completed
  • Impostors win when either:
    • Number of Impostors is greater or equal to number of crew
    • Emergency tasks are not completed on time
  • Crew meetings can elect a single person to be ejected
  • Anyone can call a meeting instantly if they see a corpse
  • Anyone can call an emergency meeting, limited number of times, not during emergencies
  • Impostors can
    • kill a crewmate after a cool down
    • sabotage facilities
    • crawl through vents (quick transport)

More details in YouTube video, or SBNation

Maps: Skeld | Mira HQ | Polus

Rules for voice chat


See also YouTube Video Instruction

Edit your discord settings

Overlay: Setup how your overlay is displayed

Game Activity: Ensure the overlay is enabled for Among Us (Among Us must be running)

Keybinds: Setup your mute key (suggest using the ` key, near top left of the keyboard)